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Thailand, Kim Kardashian, and the Olympics have all made headlines with one plant in common.


Thailand has become the first country in Asia to partially legalize marijuana. The BBC reports that “households will be able to cultivate up to six cannabis pot plants at home if they register with authorities, and companies can also farm the plant with a permit.” However, smoking weed in public will still be considered an arrestable nuisance. Nevertheless, the new laws mean that the government may now release thousands of prisoners convicted of cannabis-related offenses.

Similar releases had also been made possible thanks to the advocacy of Kim Kardashian, who had helped to free a number of people, including Crystal Munoz, originally arrested for “conspiring to distribute marijuana.” Munoz had entered prison during her pregnancy and given birth to her child in shackles: an experience highlighted in the 2018 bill the First Step Act, which banned shackling of female prisoners in labor.

WNBA star Brittney Griner was detained at a Moscow airport, with Russian authorities claiming that she possessed cannabis oil in her luggage and accused her of smuggling. Griner is a six-time WNBA All-Star who holds two Olympic gold medals and one WNBA title. Her story is an echo of the experience of American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, who was banned from the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana.

With both good and bad publicity, no more attention has ever been paid (literally—we’re talking big money) to cannabis products. It’s a hotter topic than ever, with advocates pushing for governments to legalize the substance sooner rather than later. 

There are far too many stories of people who have met their downfall as a consequence of marijuana use. It’s ironic given the fact that most Americans support the legalization of marijuana for recreational or medical use. The numerous stories of athletes being banned from competing on charges of doping or people being arrested on charges of possession can be heartbreaking, given the widespread sentiment that cannabis consumption should be as legal as alcohol and tobacco consumption. 

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The buzz around cannabis is a warning to growers, dispensaries, and retailers to tighten their seal around Security for Cannabis. With ever-changing cannabis laws, business owners need expert counsel to help them navigate the risks of the industry. While the country seems to be headed in the right direction, there is still an interminably long road ahead before we arrive at a time and place where weed-related punishments are more befitting to the crimes. 

Moreover, despite the sociopolitical and legal progress that we seem to be headed towards, owning and operating a cannabis business is as risky as ever before. Cannabis Security Planning is as crucial an aspect of the business as any other aspect. Criminals are unlikely to back down from eying establishments as targets while law enforcement will need time to adapt to new laws. Ultimately, it will be up to the due diligence and preparation of the businesses themselves to be prepared for any situation.

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