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Protecting Your Cannabis Business With Security Systems

Cannabis has been experiencing consistent high growth. As a relatively new industry, it has quickly become a staple for consumers and investors alike. Forbes reports that cannabis sales “were $20 billion in 2020, and are expected to exceed $26 billion in 2021” and that the “legal Cannabis market is bound to grow 20-30% per year to the price of 50 billion by 2026.”

Military Veterans Guard Millions of Dollars of Weed

Force has historically been associated with cannabis, specifically in the war on drugs. But now, with recreational and medical use being decriminalized in many states, military force has taken on a different implication—security and compliance. The growth of the industry presents many opportunities for those who have experience with firearms. 

The cannabis industry is providing both relief and job opportunities to veterans. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that many veterans experience and can be alleviated by cannabis. Cannabis can provide relief for those with depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. For those afflicted with addiction, cannabis can assist with rehabilitation. 

Loss Prevention

Many veterans are also armed security guards for dispensaries. Dispensaries are a hot target for theft and burglary; they hold large quantities of both cash and a high liquidity asset, cannabis, that can be resold for cash. This has made life dangerous for owners, operators, and employees. As such, security and compliance is operational problem that can affect everyone and everything, including the business bottom line. Furthermore, the security of a location is a matter of life and death; real human lives are at risk during a break-in. 

Green Cannabis Plant

Litigation Prevention

Dispensaries and cannabis businesses need to be protected. The security measures that are warranted to mitigate the risks of operating a dispensary must fall in line with state and federal regulations. Cannabis businesses must have a valid permit. Delays in receiving a valid permit mean that the grower or dispensary will not be allowed to operate, which can mean months of losses of revenue. As such, it is highly recommended to consult with security and compliance experts to ensure that your security plan complies with local regulations.  

Security Training

Every cannabis business needs security guards with custom training. Buildings must be installed with select cameras and alarm systems to monitor security breaches. The premises must be secured by access control and badging so as to only allow for authorized access without disrupting the flow of operations. 

Growers and dispensaries in high crime or high traffic areas also need to account for the risks in their community and be aware of local crime organizations and criminals. Cannabis businesses need to be prepared to be targeted by those who commit both violent and non-violent crimes, without soley relying on local law enforcement to be there in the event of an emergency.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions is a team of security and compliance experts with an extensive background in law enforcement. You can give them a call today.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions

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