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The Highs & Lows of Cannabis

Life has its highs and lows. 

Every now and then, life will surprise us with the good or the bad. Occasionally, we will stumble upon a rough patch. And when we stumble, we must remember, in any way possible—whether it be through friends, family, strangers, books, or movies—that light awaits the end of tunnels, and rainbows await the end of storms.

“If we didn't have bad days we wouldn't appreciate good ones.”

The good times stir up hope, optimism, and motivation. But in a turbulent world, life can skew more toward the lows than the highs. It can be difficult for many to experience positive emotions like joy, excitement, or humor on a daily basis. 

Go online, browse the internet, and wherever people voice their opinions, you’ll see how most adults in America feel that life is mostly one long, monotonous upward sludge, climbing up the muddy hill that is burnout. 

These days, highs are rare to come by.

So people get high. 

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We’re talking about cannabis.

Consuming marijuana through smoking, vaping, or edibles gives the user a “high”, sensation of euphoria, bliss, and relaxation.

Recreational marijuana use is what gives the realm of cannabis products their good and bad notoriety. Of course, getting high recreationally is not the only way people consume cannabis. Cannabis has shown steady adoption from a niche subset of Californian culture into the broader American mainstream, with perceptions shifting its classification into the umbrellas of “wellness” and “self-care”.

The destigmatization somewhat came along with the growing prevalence of medicinal cannabis, changing the public perception of cannabis as something only for “stoners” or “couch potatoes”. It turns out that a more compassionate view of cannabis use allows us to see that the mood-altering effects can be beneficial for those struggling with mental health issues or extenuating life circumstances. Moreover, some cannabis products, like CBD oil, are not produced or consumed for recreational purposes, but for physical pain alleviation.

Two things that are expected to rise during a recession are drug use and crime. This is both good news and bad news for cannabis retailers, dispensaries, and growers. 

Demand for both recreational and medicinal substances is relatively unaffected by times of recession. A phenomenon economists refer to as the “lipstick effect”, some substances, such as alcohol and marijuana, are even expected to increase in demand.

Cannabis products may be the type of good that increases in demand in recessions due to the human desire to seek small indulgences during economic downturns. 

Cannabis businesses need cannabis security plans to protect themselves when it comes to a product that is so greatly desired by consumers and criminals alike. The plant itself, even in its raw form, is attractive to thieves, as it can be illegally processed and lucratively sold in the black market. Moreover, businesses must navigate and adapt their security plans to be compliant with ever-evolving cannabis legislation and law enforcement.

We recommend seeking experts like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions to help protect your business and everyone in it from financial or physical harm. You can give them a call today. 

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions

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