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Marijuana In Film: Lessons On Security Solutions

Breaking Bad is regarded by many critics and viewers to be the greatest television series of all time. Created by Vince Gilligan, the tragically comedic show of crime follows the misadventures of high school chemistry teacher Walter White, who “breaks bad” following his cancer diagnosis. Pressured by the financial reality of treating his cancer and providing for his family, Mr. White coercively enlists former student Jesse Pinkman to produce and sell methamphetamine. 

What begins as an ambition to generate $737,000 from the drug trade becomes a multi-million dollar empire and Mr. White transforms into “Heisenberg”, regularly encountering dangerous criminals and lawless business protocols. 

While Heisenberg’s baby blue is a story of fiction, Breaking Bad offers a stunningly compelling portrayal of the logistical challenges of selling drugs in real life. 

Insights On Cannabis Security 

As depicted in Breaking Bad, drugs are rarely manufactured or distributed without leaving footsteps that can later be traced by law enforcement. While the underground enterprise of meth involves avoiding and deceiving law enforcement, we are currently fortunate enough to live in a time where the legalization of marijuana in certain states means that cannabis businesses can and should cooperate openly and honestly with law enforcement. 

Thanks to legalization in certain states of America, the cannabis industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. This allows marijuana to be sold and distributed by authorized growers and retailers in certain states. If you are a cannabis business, you can learn more about security management and compliance at https://ccsecuritysolutions.com/.

In his initial lab, an RV, Mr. White masters the process of producing as chemically pure of a product as possible. Mr. White trains his partner Pinkman on the "cooking" process, and they eventually come into a “superlab” through an arrangement to manufacture for a drug kingpin who will sell the product through his well-established distribution network. During this transition, matters of production are focused on securing mass quantities of raw material and minimizing contamination. 

This sheds light on the fact that cannabis businesses need to implement solid security plans to protect their chain of business from end to end. Raw materials are at risk of contamination or theft. The marijuana plant itself can be sold on the black market. Burglars tend to view marijuana facilities as targets for this very reason. 

Contamination or theft by third parties is not the only concern. In Breaking Bad, tensions arise when concerns are raised about employees stealing the final product from the lab in order to acquire inventory to sell outside of the contracted distribution channel. This reflects a risk to real businesses known as internal theft, where employees steal goods sold by their employer in order to profit from selling the goods outside of authorized retail. 

Security cameras are installed in the Breaking Bad superlab shortly after a dispute between the chemists and their boss, the distributor. When it comes to businesses that manufacture or distribute marijuana products, technology should be used effectively to monitor any suspicious or unauthorized activity. Recorded evidence can provide law enforcement with valuable data to act accordingly. 

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