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America’s First Farm-To-Table CBD Oil

CBD oil has become something of a social phenomenon since the second half of the 2010’s, with products ranging from simple tinctures to widely distributed soft drinks boasting that it contained the substance. For most of these products, the quality of the CBD oil ranges all over the map, with no real regulatory agency taking responsibility for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the manufacturing and distribution process. Anyone who could extract the oil could slap a label on it and put it to market, regardless of the actual CBD content and the quality of the other liquids it was mixed in.

For those of us that care about what we put in our bodies, this situation is untenable. Without some solid information backing up the claims made by the labeling, we’d hesitate to consume anything, especially something that is commonly used as a medicine. Luckily, some enterprising CBD oil aficionados recognized the unserved population of us more paranoid health-conscious individuals and began stepping up the level of control over the production and distribution of the oils to create the most pure and naturally sourced tinctures possible.

Enter Shayna Taylor and her company Bottle & Stone CBD Oil, the first farm-to-table CBD Oil tincture producers that we’ve found. Bottle & Stone owns and operates a hemp farm in Vermont (all organic, of course) that also houses their production facility. They grow the hemp, extract the CBD oil, suffuse it into a tincture that contains flavoring materials such as cinnamon bark and oil, peppermint, and monk fruit extract, bottle it and distribute it themselves to ensure every step is done as naturally and conducive to a healthful product as possible.

The company owner, Shayna, has a long and storied history with CBD oil. She was first introduced to it as an alternative treatment for the frequent back pain caused by scoliosis, as she expounded upon in a recent interview with Ryan Secrest:

“Ryan Seacrest celebrated the launch of Shayna Taylor’s new CBD line, Bottle & Stone, on-air on Wednesday, April 22.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. CBD is an all-natural cannabidiol that comes directly from the hemp plant and is a legal, non-THC alternative with a plethora of wellness benefits. Bottle & Stone, Shayna shared on-air, is also grown certified organic straight from a farm in Vermont.

“It doesn’t get you high,” Shayna clarified on-air, revealing CBD has personally helped ease her scoliosis pain. “Everyone is still learning the difference between marijuana and hemp and the difference is the higher THC level in marijuana and …more CBD in hemp plants so you get all the CBD benefits.”

Benefits include aid with sleep, anxiety and pain relief.

“I have a pinched nerve, scoliosis," Shayna shared. "Ryan knows; I complain about my pinched nerve all the time — it sucks because you live with it every day and it’s sad to say that it becomes your normal but CBD has really helped me with one, the pain, and [two], relaxing,” Shayna added.”

CBD oil has been found to have benefits for a number of different medical issues, including chronic pain caused from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety, sleep disorders such as insomnia, and some forms of childhood epilepsy. It’s been found to help reduce stress-causing hormones like cortisol, leading many to take the oil to help them get a restful night’s sleep and keep calm while under unusual amounts of stress.

CBD oil’s ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and relieve symptoms of epilepsy have given researchers hope that it can be used for neuroprotective therapy. Research is being done to determine if the oil can help lengthen and improve the quality of life for people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and the aftereffects of strokes.

Bottle & Stone’s focus appears to be on the psychological effects of CBD oil, as their products are marketed as energy balancing additions to morning drinks such as coffee or tea. One of their products, the CBD Mint Spritz, even comes in a spray bottle and doubles as a sort of breath freshening spray that contains all of the stress-reducing benefits of a typical dose of 250 mg worth of CBD oil.

CBD oil has a lot of potential, with more research being done on its positive health effects every day. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon due to the poor quality control in the cheap, mass produced garbage you see on store shelves. With companies like Bottle & Stone leading the charge in ensuring the integrity of each ingredient by growing or producing it themselves, I think even the most paranoid among us will feel comfortable adding it to our normal rotation of supplements.

Check them out:

Bottle & Stone

(818) 903-6845

313 Grand Boulevard #1258, Venice, California 90294

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